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The only component of your most valuable investment that doesn't depreciate is on the outside of your home, specifically the lawn and landscape. But how do you protect and keep your outdoor beauties healthy and thriving? Your answer is actually simple! An automatic lawn sprinkler system. A lawn sprinkler system is the only way to consistently water your plants.

Watering may be the simple answer, but it's actually a complicated process. Consider drought, high heat indexes, blistering humidity and the week-long highs of 90-plus degrees that beat down with ultraviolet rays to tax your lawn and landscape. A lawn sprinkler system will allow you to easily adjust watering windows to correspond with your plant and turf's needs. At Superior Sprinkler Services, we have dedicated over a decade to same day or next day sprinkler repair services. We are also faithfully committed to water conservation and the most effective solutions to conserving our most precious mineral. Below you will find a summary of our sprinkler repair services.

We Service All Irrigation Problems & Sprinkler Brands

With all of the sprinkler repair service companies in the Pantego, TX area, you are probably asking yourself, "What makes Superior Sprinkler Service different?" and "Why Superior Sprinkler Services?" Below you will find answers that will prove to make Superior Sprinkler Services your choice for all of your sprinkler and irrigation repair needs.

Why Superior Sprinkler Services

  • We Have a Record of Over 20,000 Sprinkler Repairs.
  • We Have an A+ Rating with the BBB.
  • We Have Over a Decade of Expertise.
  • We Are Fully Licensed & Insured.
  • We Are Affordably Priced.
  • We Provide Same-Day or Next Day Service.
  • We Warranty All Sprinkler Repairs.
  • We Service All Sprinkler Brands.
  • We Provide Free Estimates on All Sprinkler Installations.
  • We Provide Senior Citizen Discounts.
  • We Service the Pantego, TX Area.

By choosing Superior Sprinkler Services you can have the peace of mind that you have selected a sprinkler and irrigation company that will keep your sprinkler system running all year round and your yard will remain beautiful season after season!

In addition, if it is raining at home while you are away, rain sensors will temporarily shut off the valves to prevent over-watering. Depending how humid it is, our rain sensors can dispense the exact amount of water for your property. With Superior Sprinkle Services you are saving valuable dollars by focusing on water conservation and utilizing your irrigation to its maximum potential. Upon consultation, we will meet with you onsite to review your lawn sprinkler system and determine your irrigation needs.

If you have any questions or we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact our office at 817-707-3786. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.